Product Liability


Product Liability

Conducting a thorough investigation around a product liability claim is an essential part of providing a zealous claim or defense. In addition to investigating the background of the plaintiff and their credibility, J. Mahoney & Associates LLC carefully examines all aspects of the claim.

Recreating the sequence of events prior to the use of the product and discovering how the plaintiff used it can determine if the product was used as intended. Finding witnesses that are familiar with the incident or the plaintiff sheds light on whether the injury was created by the product, or if there are any alternative causes.

Accident reports – obtained from police, fire, and other first responders, as well as from governmental agencies that conduct their own investigation – can be helpful sources of information, not only with regards to the substance of the accident, but also by identifying other participants and witnesses.

Research conducted on the injured party determines if they’ve used the product before, or if they have a history of misusing or ignoring product warnings in other instances. For example, past traffic violations can reveal whether the individual was unwilling to wear a seat belt or helmet in the past. Locating documentation that reveals whether the individual used tobacco products is helpful because it shows a disregard for safety with a product that is known to cause injury.

Each product liability injury is unique and requires a fresh perspective. We approach these challenges with vigor and creativity. Ultimately, we deliver answers in the form of evidence that can be used in court.

Toxic Tort Investigation

One type of product liability claim in which we have extensive experience is toxic torts. We have identified and interviewed thousands of witnesses involved in asbestos exposure lawsuits; this extensive experience searching for latent information has taught us where to dig. Our conversational-style interviews help witnesses recollect events and products that may have been used in the past. At the conclusion of these investigations, our detailed reports assist clients with negotiations and trial strategies.


  • We’ve conducted investigations into the safe use of grinding wheels in industrial settings. After speaking with several former co-workers, we were able to determine that necessary safety precautions were not taken and hadn’t been followed by the injured employee or his more senior co-workers.

  • After gathering details from witnesses and reviewing government documents, we were able to determine that necessary safety procedures were ignored when a railcar worker was electrocuted resulting in a debilitating injury.

  • Safety products, used inappropriately, have also been a subject of our investigation. Protections not used properly and when necessary have led many people to become disabled. Our efforts in locating and interviewing witnesses have provided insight into the true use of these products and have assisted in the resolution of these types of lawsuits.

  • Harmful chemicals, although effective for intended uses, have also been found to be harmful to humans. We’ve researched the use of these types of products to determine how much and how frequently they were used and where they were purchased. We have also sought out information attempting to identify any other sources of the claimed illness.

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Witness Interviews

Once relevant witnesses are located, we engage in conversational-style interviews after properly introducing ourselves and explaining the reason for our inquiry.

Background Investigations

Identifying and locating witnesses and documents that can corroborate or contradict testimony requires time, patience and exhaustive searching and interviewing skills.

Social Media Investigations

To help prepare for all our assignments, we ethically scour social media platforms and publicly available information for useful intelligence that assists with our investigation.

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