Discrimination Cases


Discrimination Cases

You need accurate, verifiable information to handle a discrimination claim. With 20+ years of experience, J. Mahoney & Associates LLC provides your attorneys with the background details and witness statements to resolve claims more quickly and help minimize lawsuits.

Unlawful discrimination is unfortunately an all too common problem. Discrimination claims made in the workplace, at a business or in other settings need to be taken seriously. And to address these claims properly, the facts surrounding the case need to be known.

Our investigators support attorneys by digging deep to give the most complete set of documented, verifiable background information surrounding a discrimination case. As impartial investigators, we can discreetly conduct research and witness interviews, always mindful of the sensitive nature of these cases.

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Our 20+ years of investigative experience gives us the ability to gather information successfully in several arenas.

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Witness Interviews

Once relevant witnesses are located, we engage in conversational-style interviews after properly introducing ourselves and explaining the reason for our inquiry.

Background Investigations

Identifying and locating witnesses and documents that can corroborate or contradict testimony requires time, patience and exhaustive searching and interviewing skills.

Social Media Investigations

To help prepare for all our assignments, we ethically scour social media platforms and publicly available information for useful intelligence that assists with our investigation.

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