Our Approach

Our Approach

Witness Interviews

Once relevant witnesses are located, convincing them to talk and properly documenting their story is crucial. To facilitate cooperation, we engage in conversational-style interviews after properly introducing ourselves and explaining the reason for our inquiry. We don’t intimidate or interrogate.

Our thorough preparation for interviews ensures we get it right the first time. By taking detailed notes and quoting witnesses verbatim, our reports help with trial preparation or prove useful for impeachment purposes. We work hard to represent clients in an ethical and professional manner which, we believe, ultimately leads to witness cooperation and fruitful gathering of the evidence needed to obtain a favorable outcome.

Background Investigations

We have the experience and savvy to know where to look. Identifying and locating witnesses and documents that can corroborate or contradict testimony requires time, patience and exhaustive searching and interviewing skills. Memories can become stale and documents are sometimes lost or destroyed.

We scrutinize and verify information contained within discovery documents and depositions. Factual matters are evaluated and authenticated in stages starting with database searches that can identify people, addresses, telephone numbers, social media accounts and email addresses. Our years of experience requesting publicly-available documents at every level of government makes us proficient at retrieving records that could be helpful to your case.

Social Media Investigations

Social media can provide a wealth of background information for your legal team. We ethically scour social media platforms and publicly available information for useful intelligence that assists with your investigation. Electronic canvassing is used to identify witnesses which may not have been otherwise known to law enforcement.

Our social media investigations also help to develop a timeline or corroborate evidence of where a person may have been, and when. Monitoring an individual’s social media activity can lead to evidence which may contradict a legal claim or support it. Posts, comments and photographs can determine hobbies, habits, affiliations and connections that develop a more complete profile of the subject of an investigation.

Searching these sites takes skill and experience; we go beyond Google. New platforms come and go. Sometimes people forget to remove content they posted or may not know what they have open to the public. Our firm stays current with the latest online investigative methods, including open source intelligence (OSINT).

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