Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

J. Mahoney & Associates LLC supports attorneys and their efforts to defend those accused of a variety of crimes throughout Massachusetts. Our firm is an approved vendor with the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) and Federal Court. Our critical and impartial investigative methods have been instrumental in resolving numerous misdemeanor and felony cases.

We develop the complete story by examining the government’s case, gathering facts law enforcement may have overlooked and thoroughly interviewing witnesses. Our zealous pursuit of additional evidence increases available options for defendants by identifying contradictions that can be used for impeachment or plea bargaining. We meticulously prepare detailed notes of our interviews and document our findings; we are always prepared to testify.

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Let J. Mahoney & Associates help make the facts work for you.

Our 20+ years of investigative experience gives us the ability to gather information successfully in several arenas.

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Witness Interviews

Once relevant witnesses are located, we engage in conversational-style interviews after properly introducing ourselves and explaining the reason for our inquiry.

Background Investigations

Identifying and locating witnesses and documents that can corroborate or contradict testimony requires time, patience and exhaustive searching and interviewing skills.

Social Media Investigations

To help prepare for all our assignments, we ethically scour social media platforms and publicly available information for useful intelligence that assists with our investigation.

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