Accident Investigations


Accident Investigations

Jobsite injuries, automobile collisions and other accidents happen with alarming frequency. While police reports and insurance company inquiries may provide some information about what happened, an experienced private investigator can give you a more complete picture of the incident.

J. Mahoney & Associates LLC supports attorneys by creating the most comprehensive reconstruction of an accident scenario. We interview witnesses to gather details law enforcement may have missed. By examining accident reports and other documentation, we help reconstruct the full picture of what happened and who may have been at fault. In addition, our social media investigations can bring to light information that clarifies the context of the accident and the parties involved.

A thorough accident investigation can help reduce your liability and prevent future accidents. Let us provide your legal team with the information they need to succeed in court or avoid litigation altogether.

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Our 20+ years of investigative experience gives us the ability to gather information successfully in several arenas.

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Witness Interviews

Once relevant witnesses are located, we engage in conversational-style interviews after properly introducing ourselves and explaining the reason for our inquiry.

Background Investigations

Identifying and locating witnesses and documents that can corroborate or contradict testimony requires time, patience and exhaustive searching and interviewing skills.

Social Media Investigations

To help prepare for all our assignments, we ethically scour social media platforms and publicly available information for useful intelligence that assists with our investigation.

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